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How Does Telepsychiatry Work

To ensure we are in the best position to help you obtain the appropriate level of care, please click "new client" in the navigation to complete the intake form. You will need to call us at (301) 250-5830 first to obtain the login password for the form. 

If you are eligible for our services, we will send you a link to fill out the consent forms. We may also ask you to upload your previous medical records or fill out other forms on the website.

If you need a higher level of care, we will refer you to other services.

Once we receive the consent forms, we will send you our secure video link. 

You can use your desktop with webcam, laptop, tablet or smart phone to have an online visit.
  1. Ensure your camera for the portal is in working condition, use Google Chrome or Firefox as a web browser.
  2. If you have an iPhone, you will have to add the video link to your general phone settings.
  3. Please keep your username and password safe.

Contact Info

  •     MD (301) 250-0404   |   NY (516) 388-9840      
  •     Offices in Gaithersburg, MD & Lynbrook, NY 

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